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Manage projects
with peace of mind

The solution that connects multiple areas is now available to your business. Optimize processes and manage your team and budget. Discover all the possibilities with Grindy!

Proven solutions across multiple industries.

Product Management


Marketing & creativity

Sales & CRM

Product management IT Services Marketing & creativity Sales and CRM

Product management

The process of strategically
directing your projects and teams

Meet deadlines with
more confidence

In the Project Team tab, you can see the team that works on the project and information about how much your client pays for each person's hour of work.

Control project budget
to avoid cost overrun

In the Finances tab, you can see the profitability of the project in detail. Using filtering, you can check revenue, income, and hours your team generated in the project.

World clock meeting planner

Book meetings across multiple time zones for yourself and your international team.

Selecting the best people
for a project

Skills charts

Each of your employees has unique abilities that are valuable in various projects. Thanks to the ability database, you will always have a clear view of which experts you have within your company.

Filtering for finding
wanted skill

A new project requires new skills? You can easily check if any of your employees have the competencies needed to complete the project. Find them quickly in a simple search engine!

Skills based
on experience

As you work, your team develops and gains new experiences. The development of these abilities is saved for you to know how to strengthen your team in various professional fields.

IT Services

Keep track of your employees on every project
you are managing.

Work preview and team availability

Schedule the meetings across multiple time zones. You can manage your team across the globe and allow them to control their available booking times.

Keep your projects in budget

Control the rate and each hour of your time that you used on the certain project. Know exactly how many hours your team has already spent on the current task.

Automatic task creation

Minimize the number of activities needed in project management. Grindy will help you win extra time.

Marketing & creativity

Improve your marketing strategy and boost
it with available data.

Easy tool for better managing processes

Now, you can track working flow, pick up the right people to the right tasks and manage clients' requests even faster.

Everything your team

Track your team

You can see exactly when and what your team is working on. Therefore, you can optimize activities and generate even greater benefits for your company.

Time zone workframe

With Grindy, you can smoothly manage both international teams and local teams that work remotely anywhere and anytime.

Creating tasks within projects

If your projects are multi-threaded, it’s easy to get distracted. Thanks to Grindy, you can create specific tasks and assign team members to them.

Sales & CRM

Fast and effective Customer support can build a competitive
advantage and create customer loyalty.

Tasks created automatically

Grindy automatically creates tasks when they arrive at the support center inbox. You will never miss any important email.

Configuration for
better automation

With only a few steps you can configure the system so that specific outages will be assigned to specific team members.

Automatic replies

Thanks to the automated replies option, you will never miss any email always stay in touch with your clients.

Reaction to website outages 24/7

Grindy sends automatic replies to every email with a report. Depending on the category of the report, you can have several response scenarios. Thanks to this, you can work on the ticket while your client feels taken care of because he has received the answer.

Take full control of your projects
and your team

Find out yourself how you can manage your projects, budgets and team easily, all with just one software; try Grindy.