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Our Product

Taking control over deadlines, project budgets, and team occupancy was never easier.

Count your project costs automatically

Our Timer Start-Timer Stop function, allows your team members to count the hours, and thus costs for any specific project. Easy and fully automatic.

Filtering function for better insights

In the Finances tab, you can see the profitability of the project in detail. Using filtering, you can check revenue, income, and hours your team generated in the project.

Team management

A view of your team’s availability

Always know who is available and ready to work. Thanks to Peek Mode, you can track working flows and make sure your team is not overwhelmed with current tasks.

Calendar including time zone differences

Working with clients or team members around the globe? Grindy calendar includes different time zones so you can easily arrange meetings or manage projects, no matter where you’re currently located.

Assigning tickets in the blink of an eye

Assign team members to a certain project. Use the Agile tab to view tasks and measure work progress.

Selecting the best people for a project

Skills charts

Filtering for finding wanted skill

Skills based on experience

Team timeframe always up-to-date

Your team members will be able to use both desktop and mobile applications to help them log their work automatically. They can quickly choose the project or task they are currently working on.

Check available slots for your team member

Control how much time each project earns

See who is available and working in real-time

Download your
Grindy tracker!


Track your work time


Track your work time

Project management
and time tracking for you

Keep an eye on a project budget thanks to Project Team Tab. It allows you to control the hours your team has already spent on the current task. Always keep budget under control.

Setting up hourly rates

In the Employees tab, you can set up the hourly rate of each employees’ work therefore you know how much your client pays for each person's hour of work.

Automate and distribute your work

Automatic task creation

When mails arrive at the support center inbox, Grindy automatically creates tasks. It requires only one employee to keep an eye on assigning it and follow through for further actions.

Configuration for better automation

You can configure the system so that specific outages will be assigned to specific team members. For example, you can set up website bugs to be always supported by a support manager, so he will get a dedicated mail with keywords ”website bug”.

Automatic reply

Grindy sends automatic replies to every email with a report. Depending on the category of the report, you can have several response scenarios. Thanks to this, you can work on the ticket while your client feels taken care of because he has received the answer.

24/7 Customer Support

With our 24/7 customer support, any problems that may occur will be taken care of immediately. This will assure you your projects will keep
running smoothly.

Take full control of your projects
and your team

Find out yourself how you can manage your projects, budgets and team easily, all with just one software; try Grindy.